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NM-LiFeYPO4-400AH12V lithium battery, li-ion components Kit incl. BMS and safety relay 250A
3.498,00 EUR
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Product No.: NM-LiFeYPO4-400AH12V

Lithium Yttrium High Power Battery LiFeYPO4 (400Ah/12.8V) - cells are Winston Battery product WB-LYP400AHA (ThunderSky TS-LFP400AHA, Thunder-Sky TS-LYP400AHA)

- 4 x Winston 400AHA cells initial charged and strapped as a pack of 4 cells in series

- 3 x pole connectors

- 4 x Balancers epoxy encapsulated max. 2A, no heating with  NC-contact for disconnection if any cell goes out of safe range

- 3 x temp. sensors

- 1 x safety disconnect relay 12/24V max. current 250A , standby consumption 1.5mA - 2.5mA

- 1 x small fuse for  NC wire connection of balancers

- 1 x 250A main fuse

Model name: NM-LiFeYPO4-400AH12V
Nominal voltage: 13.2V, operating voltage under load is 12.8V
Capacity: 400AH +/- 5%
Operating voltage: max 14.5V -  min. 11.2V
Deep discharge voltage: 2.5V / cell, the battery is damaged if voltage drops bellow this level
  Maximal charge voltage: 14.4V - 14.5V
  Float charge max: 13.4V - 13.6V or better turn off
Optimal discharge current: < 200A (0.5C)
Maximal discharge current: < 1200A (3C), continuous for max 15 minutes from full charge
Max peak discharge current: < 8000A (20C), maximal 5 seconds in 1 minute
Optimal charge current: < 200A (0.5C)
Maximal charge current: < 1200A (3C), with battery temperature monitoring
Maximal continuous operating temperature: 60 °C, the battery temperature should not increase this level during charge and discharge
Dimensions: W260 x L461 x H283 mm millimeters (tolerance +/- 2 mm)
Weight: 55.4 kg kilograms (tolerance +/- 200g)



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